Real Estate Quick Tips

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Real Estate Quick Tips so you can purchase your dream home hassle free.

The Value of a Title Search

Before purchasing property, it is absolutely essential to determine if there are clouds on the title.  In other words, will you hold your property free and clear of all encumbrances?

A good real estate attorney will oversee a title search and review the chain-of-title to make sure the person from whom you are purchasing property actually has the right to sell you the property free and clear. What do good attorneys look for? They look for liens such as mortgages on the property, outstanding judgments against the current owner and a clear record of properly recorded transfers of the property you intend to purchase.

At Jeffery Costa Select Realty, you’ll know that you’re getting an attorney to help you through your real estate purchasing process…every step of the way.  This is just one of the benefits our clients enjoy.


Acquiring Title Insurance

Do you need title insurance? The quick answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Title insurance protects buyers against losses from defects in the chain of title such as defects in the public record.

Lenders will require the borrower to purchase title insurance to protect the bank’s interest and real estate buyers can purchase their own policy that will protect their interests even after the mortgage is satisfied…for the lifetime of their ownership of the property.

The cost of insurance is set on a sliding scale that is based on the purchase price of your home.  At Jeffery Costa Select Realty, we will work with you during your home purchase to have an attorney acquire title insurance for your dream house. And with an attorney on our own staff, we’re ready to answer any of legal questions during the home purchasing process!


Options For Veterans

At Jeffery Costa Select Realty, we love veterans!  We also love working with veterans to help them secure financing for their home purchase.

The Department of Veterans Affairs helps veteran homebuyers through the VA Loan.  The VA loan can help a veteran purchase a home with little to no money down for up to $417,000.  Additionally, the VA Loan does not charge private mortgage insurance (PMI).

We’re always happy to refer our customers to one of the loan officers we trust and respect.  And from all of us at Jeffery Costa Select Realty, thank you for your service!

At Jeffrey Costa Select Realty, we are fully committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our leadership team and agents have years of experience and unmatched expertise. Get in touch with us today…we’re here to answer any questions you may have!